Pegasus World Cup Horse Racing Review

A huge number of horse racing fans give their preference to this particular annual event, which has been held since 2017 on the territory of the Gulfstream Park racetrack in Florida. This competition in such a short time has already managed to win the love of millions of viewers around the globe. In addition to active visits to the hippodrome, a large number of spectators watch the championship from TV screens and on the Internet.

Such high popularity is provided by:

  • High level of organization;
  • Significant prize fund;
  • Thoroughbred chargers;
  • Experienced jockeys;
  • Wide coverage in the media.

Let’s get acquainted with the history of the development of this tournament and take a closer look at its features.

Pegasus World Cup History

One of the creators and the main initiator of the creation of the race was the Austrian businessman and politician Frank Stronach, who in 2016 noticed that there was a slight lull between the main competitions and the breeding season, which could be used for another tournament.

His company Stronach Group took over the organization of the cup and the first races were scheduled for May 2016.

Main Advantages of the Pegasus World Cup

Let’s take a closer look at the factors behind the popularity of this event among dedicated horse racing fans around the globe.

High level of organization

The event is organized with strict observance of all international standards. Races are held in the mud on a track 1.8 kilometers long. The races are overseen by the American Racing Association, which has given the tournament a Donn Handicap rating to ensure fair and spectacular competition.

This is a good reason to give preference to this particular tournament because the high level of organization indicates the prestige of the event.

Significant prize fund

The first prize pool in 2017 was $12 million, which immediately secured the tournament a high place in the list of the most expensive mount and jockey competitions on the planet.

In 2018, the prize pool grew to $16 million, surpassing even the global championship in Dubai.

However, this was followed by a series of declines. In 2019 the jockeys competed for 9 million and in 2020 the organizers offered just 3 million for the winners.

Thoroughbred horses & experienced jockeys

Loyal fans of the race note that the top representatives are selected to participate in the competition, who show remarkable results.

The age of a charger from 4 years indicates the maturity and experience of the animal. Accordingly, the jockey must also have a high level of skill to effectively control the mount.

Become a Spectator of a Bright Event of Equestrian Sports

We hope our review has helped you learn more about this prestigious event and feel the spirit of the “royal sport”. Indulge yourself in pleasure and become one of the satisfied spectators of the annual Pegasus World Cup tournament!