All You Need To Know About Horse Racing

Thanks to the current pace of technology development, a huge variety of sports have become available that previously could not receive such wide coverage in the media. One such sport is horse racing, which has long been called the “sport of kings”.

To this day, membership in an equestrian club and a pass to the hippodrome cost a lot of money, and the most prestigious tournaments draw huge lines of fans at the entrance. However, thanks to the huge number of sites providing high-quality online broadcasts, it became possible to watch such tournaments without leaving home.

Compared to other classic sports, horse racing is graceful and spectacular. Also, tournaments are unpredictable and diverse. The results of the race are influenced by a huge number of factors that add an element of intrigue. Spectators never know how a horse will behave and how well a jockey will handle it.

We will try to learn more about the history of the origin of horse racing, get acquainted with the list of the most favorable tournaments, and reveal the secret of their popularity.

History of Horse Racing

Horse racing was known long before our era. The first mention dates back to 600 BC when the ancient Greeks held the Olympic Games. Even then, the audience admired the skill of athletes and the beauty of animals.

At that time, participation in such competitions was the prerogative of the kings, and the audience was ordinary people. Since then, for thousands of years, this trend has continued. Relatively recently, with the spread of technology and accessibility, horse racing began to gain popularity among the general population.

In the Middle Ages, the so-called knightly tournaments were especially popular, which allowed warriors to practice their ability to control a mount and compete with other knights. The maintenance of the charger and the necessary uniforms were very expensive and were accessible to few. In this regard, such events have always gathered a huge number of spectators who admired the riders and their skills.

Modern features of equestrian tournaments started to take shape in the 17th century in England, when a thoroughbred racehorse breed was bred, which was distinguished by increased endurance and joint strength, which made it possible to cover a greater distance in less time and develop tremendous speed.

In the 18th century, the so-called Royal Chase was held everywhere, which were held during the hunt. Later, this format became the official competition for equestrians, in connection with which the first hippodromes were opened for tournaments. In England, the first jockey club was founded, which contributed to the development of this sport and the creation of the first set of rules that regulated such competitions.

At the moment, equestrian tournaments are widespread all over the globe. Horse racing is most favorable in England, Australia, India, the United Arab Emirates, and Europe. Horse racing still retains its reputation as a high-profile and expensive sport, but thanks to modern technology, anyone anywhere in the world can enjoy a first-class show almost for free.

The Most Popular Tournaments Nowadays

At the moment, a large number of tournaments are regularly held in the world, which are worth paying attention to and which are designed for different audiences and have their fans among different segments of the population.

Let’s get acquainted with the TOP 3 tournaments that regularly attract the largest number of viewers around the world and learn about their features.

Pegasus World Cup

The championship, which was founded in 2017, has managed to become one of the most expensive and prestigious tournaments in the world in five years. Thoroughbred horses over the age of 4 years are allowed to participate, and the races themselves take place in the mud, which requires special skills from jockeys and horses.

The race distance is 1.8 kilometers. Participants compete by the Donn рandicap regulations, which allows equalizing the chances and holding the fairest competition.

The prize fund of the first competitions amounted to 12 million dollars and got bigger every year. The 2018 championship had the largest money pool and amounted to $16 million, but dropped to only $9 million in 2019. At the moment, there is a tendency to increase the prize pool.

Dubai World Cup

World-class races are distinguished by their top-notch host level and luxury conditions, prestige, and high cost. The tournament has been held since 1996 under the leadership of Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan. Such patronage provides a high status to the event.

The competition is held among thoroughbred chargers in 9 different formats. This allows spectators to enjoy a huge variety of competitions and enjoy the grace and skill of the participants.

The championship also takes pride in place in the list of the highest paid competitions. The average prize fund reaches 15 million US dollars.

The rights to broadcast the event are annually bought by the largest TV channels from around the world. Also, a huge number of spectators are watching the tournament via the Internet.
The variety of formats and participants will satisfy even the most demanding audience.

Kentucky Derby

One of the most massive and favorable events in the world of equestrian sports. The championship has been held annually in Louisville, Kentucky on the first Saturday in May since 1875. Mounts over three years of age are allowed to participate and compete on a track 2 kilometers long.

The event is very popular. Every year, tens of thousands of loyal fans come from all over the world to watch the competition. The attendance record was set in 2017 when the crowd of spectators reached 160,000 people. Also, a huge number of spectators watch the races on television and the Internet.

Enjoy the Beauty of the Horse Racing

Become one of the many fans of this sport and enjoy the grace of mounts and the skill of jockeys!